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How to repair a water softener by yourslef

Everyone today is using water obtained by treating with a water softener. It is of great use as it gives pure, safe and clean water. It also turns hard water into soft water. Hard water contains calcium, components of carbon, limestone and chalk residues. When this type of water is treated with a water softener, it separates calcium and magnesium which also shows lime-scale contained in hard water. This lime-scale collects on the different inner and outer parts of the machine and stops the working of water purifying system.

num3qThe function of each softener depends differently on what type of water is to be treated by it. The method of cleaning these softeners is a peculiar task and is based on the type and quality of the machine. You can also read water softener reviews on the internet for the maintenance and cleaning of machines. But if proper maintenance is not done, it may become difficult to repair the machine later.

Steps of repairing the water softener

There are some steps which you can follow to make your machine work properly and provide a repair in case there is some problem. These are as follows:

Step 1

First, clean the residue of salt from the tank. If you see a crust or bulging residue then clean it properly. These heaps will result to add more salt in water making it undrinkable. Soap and water must be used to clean the parts of the system. The dome of salt will make you add salt frequently and quickly. A big air pocket can also be seen beneath. Try to clean the salt with a broomstick and throw it.

Step 2

It becomes necessary to clean the iron-fouled bed. Sometimes water may have remains of iron which also collects in the system. Do not add more salt unless all the salt is used. The tank must be refilled with two third of full space. Iron out must be used once in a year to clean the bed and other parts of the system. The brine tank must also be cleaned once in a year. The salt which is being added also contains impurities and dirt.

Step 3

It is very important to clean the resin tank injector. The injector often combines and joins with sediments and residue obtained by dirt. Thoroughly clean the injector softener’s bypass valve that is engaged in shutting the flow of water .The next step is to relieve the pressure of water by passing it through water source or manual regeneration. Then finally the caps of both sides must be removed from the softeners head. Then, at last, the injector must be cleaned properly. Both the right side and the left side of injector must be cleaned.

These are some points which must be kept in mind to clean the softener and maintain its life. Thus cleaning and repairing a softener is an easy task which can be performed easily. You do not need to go to any technician as all the repairs can be done easily by you by following these steps.